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Ryken and Associates are a team of lawyers and legal professionals engaged in a variety of legal services. In addition to litigation (family, criminal, civil and employment), we also do commercial and immigration work.

Immigration rules are complicated and confusing. Engaging an experienced professional will ensure that your chances of success are high and that you are allocated the correct amount of points (Skilled Migrant/ Business Investor Category).

Ryken & Associates will not only help you in making sure all information needed is correctly supplied to the New Zealand Immigration Service, but with our experience and history, we make certain that you have the very best chance and representation for the whole process.

Why instruct a lawyer?

New Zealand's immigration law and policies are set out in a large manual. Many of our rules and policies have also been considered by our Courts. The rules are complex. Much time and money is wasted by filing applications that do not meet acceptance criteria. Other applications do not succeed because wrong or incomplete documents are filed. 

Ryken & Associates will act on your behalf so that you can rest easy knowing your application is being handled in the best way possible.

Professional assistance will...

  • Ensure documentation is correct and complete.
  • Ensure your application is treated carefully.
  • Ensure you get the best possible result.
  • Avoid appeals.

Job Offers

Please note we are not work brokers and do not assist with job placements.

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